Nowadays, LED street lights have become commonly used in street lamps to light up various routes. The Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand has even begun a project to replace more than 3 million highway lamps across the country with LED lights, and it would appear that almost the whole country is shifting towards the use of LED lights.

So what are the advantages of using LED lights in public street lamps? In this article, we’ve combined a list of 4 reasons why LED street lamps are being widely used all over Thailand.

  1. LED lights are much brighter, helping helping drivers see the road clear and improving road safety

Public street lamps that use LED lights have a higher brightness than high pressure sodium lamps and also have a color accuracy of Ra 70-80. Thus helping road users see more clearly at night compared to old public street lamps.

  1. Wide diffusion angle reduces risks that may occur to you life and property

LED public street lamps have an ultra-wide diffusion angle, thus allowing the surrounding area to be illuminated better which in turn helps prevent accidents and reduces the risk of accidents on the road, as well as with pedestrians at the same time.

  1. Extremely long lives and provides brightness for a long time

Public street lamps adopting LED lights often have a very low rate of light degradation during use. It can provide stable light quality and proper illumination for long periods of time as they are harder to burn out. Because of their long lives, they ultimately reduce the time and cost for maintenance by a significant amount.

  1. Reduces electricity bill by 60-80%

LED public street lamps have a high luminosity and yet can double their energy efficiency. To put into perspective, they use only 15 percent of the energy that an incandescent light bulb would use, but still generate more light.

Public street lamps aren’t just used for public street lights to illuminate the night, but it also increases the safety of yourself, the life of pedestrians, as well the drivers of other vehicles. 

“LED street lights don’t only provide better vision at night for pedestrians and drivers, they also help reduce the risk of fatal road accidents and the collateral damage they cause. This is why at Chin Power, we’ve designed bright and durable street lights to help keep drivers and pedestrians safe while traveling at night,” stated Natdanai Likhitkitbaworn, Vice Managing Director of Chin Power. 


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