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Sincerely, cryptocurrency scammed victims are always in a very tight situation. In contrast, victims of credit card theft can call their banks to cancel a card or reverse perceived or verified fraudulent transaction, however with Bitcoin, you have nothing to do and fraudulent transactions can’t always be reversed in most cases. This makes it very appealing to scammers because they get a form of protection. They get to hide behind the encryption protocol. The harder part is when you search online for solution but all you get is hopelessness and a truthfully depressing fact that you might not be able to recover your stolen Bitcoin. Well, that was what my ex-husband thought when he lost $102K worth of Bitcoin to an investment forex scam. He thought that was end of the world because losing that much money in a blink was shattering for him until he came across his old friend who was a financial bank manager who directed him to the ‘Prime currency trading protection Recovery company. he doubted it, but I had to encouraged him to give it a shot since he technically had nothing to lose. He reluctantly gave it a go but when he got his coins retrieved he got me a pair of red bottoms to show his appreciation. The process is not easy but i think the primectprotection are experts in their Recovery procedures.

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