The aura of a workplace smells a little bit of hard work, a little bit of teamwork, and a lot more of stress. Amidst reaching targets, there is a lot of stress that is involved. People not only have work pressure to contend with but also carry their personal stress with them. Add a particularly high-stress situation to an existing stressed environment, and you need a leader who can manage the stress and productivity for the entire team. You, as a good leader, must know how to manage your team during high-stress situations at the workplace.

A little bit of stress is necessary, even healthy, to drive employees and keep them on track. But, when the stress levels exceed a certain limit, that’s when productivity suffers, the sense of team begins to dwindle, and chaos sets in. High-stress situations don’t always come with warning signs, making them even more stressful.

For instance, the recent Covid-19 pandemic has been an unfathomably stressful period for the entire world. Nobody was aware of the consequences even when it first began. Some struggled more than others and some also lost more than others. With uncertainty surrounding the economy, the nature of work, the future of work, and more, employees were sent into a state of panic and shock.