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November 27, 2021

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Everything You Need to Know About An Astrology Birth Chart

An astrology birth chart also known as astrology natal chart is the blueprint of a soul’s journey as they are born into this lifetime. The chart is a cosmic blueprint for an individual as they travel across time and space. It is the tool we use in Jyotish; the science of light. An astrology birth chart reading can reveal your strengths and weaknesses, as well as your spiritual growth opportunities and the optimal time to make major decisions.The birth chart is derived from one’s birth time, birth date, and location. From here, the beautiful ‘Kundli’ is formed. The birth chart or Kundli, is a form of 12 divisions of the sky, the 12 houses we use in Jyotish. It also includes the placements of the planets in the sky, at that moment of the first breathe, their degree, and the sign-in which they fall.An astrological birth chart maps out the 12 signs or Rashi’s of the Zodiac, with the Ascendant being the first sign on the Eastern horizon at the moment of your birth. From here, it fans out across the 12 houses in an anti-clockwise direction, creating a cosmic map.The birth chart is an access point to understanding the qualities […] read more
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