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November 27, 2021

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How Unsupervised Machine Learning Works?

Ever imagined how a machine learns on its own? Well, it is through various machine learning techniques, specifically Unsupervised Machine Learning. Unsupervised Machine Learning enables AI applications to learn and find patterns in large data sets without human involvement. This type of Machine Learning is necessary for achieving general Artificial Intelligence.  Unsupervised Learning is popular when there is huge data and labeling is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It is also an impractical process. Unsupervised Learning creates a huge difference by letting AI applications learn without any supervision.   Also read:What is Supervised, Unsupervised Learning, and reinforcement learning in Machine Learning   What is Unsupervised Machine Learning? As discussed above, it is a unique ML technique for identifying patterns in unlabelled data sets. Here, the AI system is provided with input data only. Without the involvement of human supervision, the process of Unsupervised Learning takes place. The machine learns on its own by observing data and finding patterns. Without any external guidance, the Machine Learning system acts accordingly. This technique is popularly used for creating AI systems without human intelligence. They are enabled to take independent decisions by analyzing huge volumes of unlabelled data. The algorithms used in Unsupervised Learning are more […] read more
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