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October 20, 2021

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Why does my Android phone only slow charge when I am using the fast charger?

Battery life is essential, as battery life is the heart of your Android phone.   Now, this is the deal…   If this happens to you frequently, you have probably wondered many times why this happens. However, if this is a new problem with your Android device, and it is charging slowly, it may be something you need to address.   I know you’ve come because you can’t get your phone to charge. But first and foremost:   You should be aware that a slow charging Android device could be caused by one of two factors. First, there’s the phone, then there’s the basics of charging, and finally, it might be you, yes you!     Let’s stop chasing each other now and get to work on finding the answers to your queries. The following are some of the most common reasons why your phone repairs perth when you plug it in:   1. Faulty USB cables   A defective USB cable could be the source of your phone’s delayed charging. There are USB cables on the market that charge at a faster rate. However, if your Android device is slow to charge, the first thing you should check or […] read more
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