What makes it necessary to have professional and commercial carpet cleaning than standard vacuuming? And is a carpet cleaner needed if you already invest in heavy-duty vacuum cleaners that are used by janitors and housekeepers. So it is better to know why and how professional carpet and sofa cleaner is so useful for cleaning dirt of all sorts and even more than any vacuum cleaner. Carpet cleaning services in Pune are best known for their cleaning services. It’s good to know basic work about carpet and sofa cleaning methods.

So what they do while carpet cleaning

Steam cleaning – hot water help to loosen dirt and grime from the rugs. The water and any dirt are then extracted from the carpet.

Shampooing – a hose uses high pressure to push water and use detergent while carpet cleaning.  Then the detergent water and dirt get extracted from the carpet. This process repeats several times to get all dirt and water extracted completely.

Dry cleaning of the carpet can also be done with cleaning powder that is used to spread on carpeting.