As of the end of the summer, there was a frenzy of shock took over the gambling forums, with a plethora of casinos that have the Microgaming software were launched. The software is among its most costly (along together with Cryptologic) and is only used by around 80 casinos. And the new version usually only appears more than once one quarter. So, the thrill of gamblers’ excitement is normal… betflix

It turns out that it is all white label casinos operated by Casino Share (relatively new casino that uses microgaming as the software). What does white label mean? White label is the name of a tiny section of a existing casino, that is created under its own name.

The process is like this software producer RTG Microgaming, casino Village on Net kind of company that produces software for casinos as well as selling the software to players, is at the top. The software of a supplier is usually identical, and the game set is nearly identical, the central processing unit for financial transactions is typically used in a common way. The question of competition does not revolve around only casinos of different producers (here the distinctions and thus, the reasons for competition exist) as well as casinos from the same company in which there aren’t any methods to distinguish. The ways to attract customers vary: some promote their services online as well as offline, and some even have great events, and the majority of them use partnership programs.

Certain casinos sign agreements with software suppliers and are granted a permit to expand the software. Casinos that have white label casinos, where anyone who is interested can have “his personal” casino. The procedure is typically in the following manner: the partner pays a tiny amount (several thousand dollars, and up to thousands of dollars) and in exchange receives a standard website and software for client downloads, in which the name and logo selected by a partner, but not the ones of the parent casino are displayed. The financial transactions are processed through the cashier of the parent casino, support services are offered in similar to. Design and customization Customer service, host of players as well as fraud control, web maintenance and design and internal marketing. White label casinos software providers offer less expensive, fully supported and controlled gambling sites which allow the owner or affiliate to focus on marketing. Sportsbook, online bingo poker room, casino or sportsbook operators benefit from the advantages of marketing bingo sites online or casino websites without the need to manage licensing, technical, business and operational infrastructure.The initial installment will be used to customizing the casino, following the partner has given around 50% of the profits to the casino’s parent.

It is a question to ask: who finds this plan profitable and efficient? It’s quite profitable for software providers since it offers the rights to develop white label and customized casino services, which increases the appeal of its software (although the chance of receiving negative response is increased in the event of issues) The royalty rate is also increased (software supplier receives its share in the casino’s profits). The parent casino that organizes the white label software also gains. Although the process of creating a white label casinos costs money but the bulk of it is paid back from the initial payment made by the partner, and the casino then starts to earn profits, without advertising costs (support costs for service and processing remain, however they are less than half of revenue).