Bill was sixty-six years old, had little income and no assets. He had spent his superannuation in the last few decades on numerous ventures, adventures, and other ventures. He never gambled or smoked, but he did occasionally have a few drinks. Bill realized that he was not able to provide for himself in his later years. He decided to start a business to generate an income. Being able to start a business normally requires capital. Additionally, it is not feasible to continue earning wages. Bill had an idea to start an internet-based business. He suffered from stress, depression and self-doubt. He was left with no support because he had to develop his own products. Bill was able to focus on the product because he had many unique products that he had developed over his years working in the healthcare industry. The trickiest part of marketing was where Bill had very little experience and skill. He did have a few markets stints. While it’s great to have a product that people will be interested in, they may not know much about you. For a product of small price, it is simply not possible to pay high advertising costs. It was frustrating and demoralizing. Many people are in similar situations and have something […] read more