Self-publishing a book has never been more accessible, but Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Makes it easier than ever. It is the most widely used self-publishing platform globally, allowing authors to publish their work right to Amazon and the Kindle Store. With Amazon self-publishing, you can reach the world’s largest book audience and earn up to 70% royalty on your eBooks. You can even offer your book for free to help you in promoting your book on KDP Select. Unlike most other online publishers, Amazon’s KDP uses the “Mobi” format, the file format for Kindle’s digital books, and it runs on all Kindle devices. You can also upload your ebook by using other formats on Amazon, including ePub and others such as Doc, HTML, and RTF. However, starting with a Mobi file would be preferred because any formatting you create, like, images, charts and tables, remain intact. How to publish an ebook on Amazon Using the steps below to complete the process from start to finish, you will have successfully published your book in no time at all. #1 – Set Up Your Account The first thing you need to do is set up an account with Amazon KDP by […] read more