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October 14, 2021

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Na czy polega zaburzenie osobowości borderline?

Istnieją dwie międzynarodowe klasyfikacje według, których diagnozuje się zaburzenia osobowości typu borderline. Są nimi ICD-10 (klasyfikacja Europejska – WHO) oraz DSM-V (klasyfikacja American Psychiatric Association). Zgodnie z klasyfikacją ICD-10 wyróżnia się osobowość chwiejną emocjonalnie, która obejmuje dwa podtypy: impulsywny i borderline. Podtyp impulsywny osobowości chwiejnej emocjonalnie charakteryzuje się wyraźną skłonność do konfliktów z innymi oraz do kłótliwości. Z kolei podtyp “borderline” wyraźną niestabilnością w wielu obszarach życia. Klasyfikacja ICD-10: Podtyp impulsywny: należy stwierdzić co najmniej 2 spośród następujących cech: skłonność do działań impulsywnych, łatwość do reagowania gniewem lub przemocą, trudności z podtrzymaniem działań, które nie przynoszą szybkiej satysfakcji, niestabilny i kapryśny nastrój. Podtyp “z pogranicza” (borderline): należy stwierdzić co najmniej  3 cechy: niejasności dotycząc obrazu własnej osoby, niejasność celów i preferencji (również seksualnych), angażowanie się w intensywne, niestabilne związki prowadzące do kryzysów emocjonalnych, próby uniknięcia potencjalnego porzucenia, groźby lub działania samobójcze i samo uszkadzające, stałe uczucie pustki wewnętrznej.   Klasyfikacja DSM-V: Z kolei w klasyfikacji DSM-V osobowość “borderline” jest  zdefiniowana jako wzorzec zachowań zdominowany niestabilnością w relacjach interpersonalnych, w ocenie osoby własnej i emocjach oraz z wyraźnie zaznaczoną wybuchowością. Aby móc postawić rozpoznanie należy stwierdzić co najmniej 5 z poniższych cech: podejmowanie rozpaczliwych wysiłków w celu zapobieżenia porzuceniu realnemu lub wyimaginowanemu, niestałe ale intensywne związki interpersonalne (krańcowe idealizowanie lub dewaluowanie) zaburzenia […] read more
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King Chiropractic – Bunbury

Bunbury’s trusted Chiropractor, King Chiropractic, is made up of a team of skilled and competent professionals. All of our treatments are heavily influenced by massage and physiotherapy to best treat all patients and conditions. With us, you always experience care, compassion, and professionalism in your treatment. Conveniently book online now or call 9792 4476 to enjoy quality chiropractic care. Visit us: read more
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The destination for all your healthcare needs- Fortis Hospitals, Mumbai

Understanding that the pandemic has redefined our patient’s needs and adapting to the New Normal, Fortis Hospital Mumbai has risen as the New Age Hospital- A hospital that is geared up for your safety, knowing your fears and addressing them. Fortis Hospital Mumbai, which has been on the forefront of fighting the pandemic, has successfully treated over 6000 patients infected with the virus. At the same time, we have continued uninterrupted services for other specialities without a case of breach or cross infection. Fortis Hospital is your #NewAgeHospital, with Proven protocol driven approach for safety of patients Stringent processes for infection control Expertise and experience to handle both COVID and non COVID successfully The chance of getting infected lies anywhere, but the safer place to get treated for any illness is a hospital that has treated COVID-19 and hence is geared up for all types of patients with utmost safety and care. As your Guardians of Health, Fortis Hospital Mumbai is the preferred healthcare destination providing safe care across all specialities. read more
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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is the use of oxygen in a pressurized environment, at a level higher than 1 atmosphere absolute (ATA). Increased pressure allows for oxygen to dissolve and saturate the blood plasma (independent of hemoglobin /red blood cells), which yields a broad variety of positive physiological, biochemical and cellular effects. The typical treatment lasts for 60-90 minutes, during which the person can relax, read a book, watch a movie or have a sleep. Mitohealth HBOT has been demonstrated in many clinical studies and research papers to enhance the body’s innate ability to repair and regenerate. It is used as an adjunct therapy to complement and enhance the healing process in both chronic and acute conditions. source: read more
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Online Generic Medicine

We assume you all experience sickness, allergies, and some kind of medical problem. We have the best way to deliver Generic Medicines at your door. We have near about all kinds of generic medicine like, to reduce redness, itching, rashes in the eyes use Patanol Eye Drop. One of the best solutions for HAIR LOSS is to Buy Finasteride. For WEIGHT LOSS HCG Injections Online and for Cure for Erectile dysfunction and Impotence is Generic Cialis 20mg. These all medicine and more generic medicine you will find in the USA on Online generic pharmacy – Trusted pharmacy store. read more
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Construsar Acabamentos

Somos especialistas em acabamentos: Porcelanatos, Revestimentos, Pisos, Louças e Metais. Compre com quem entende do read more
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6 Important Factors for Diet Plan Success

As the weight loss industry becomes increasingly prosperous more and more diet plans became available. the matter is that tons of those plans are complete nonsense and don’t work on all. Sure, some are effective but does one actually need to waste some time and money trying to seek out the proper one? No, me neither! that’s why during this article I even have done the diligence for you and listed 6 criteria that ought to be a part of any successful diet plan. 1) Honesty:- Many diet plans are filled with outrageous claims like “rub this gel on your stomach and watch the fat melt away”. However, are you able to really trust an idea which makes such unrealistic claims? Losing weight isn’t easy and any diet program which argues otherwise is probably going to be fraudulent and ineffective. attempt to search for one which makes more honest claims like “lose 10 pounds in one month” as these are likely to be those that basically work. 2) Evidence:- If a diet plan really is effective then there should be some clinical evidence which says so. Although clinical trials aren’t 100% foolproof (they could also be sponsored by the corporate […] read more
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The Dangers of Expired Medications

Expired medications are commonplace and inertia notwithstanding, many folks tend to believe an intuitive sense of their value in continuing to store and use them. Such drugs are often harmful to health in several ways; they will be unpredictable in effectiveness, simply ineffective, or maybe toxic. The formal way of classifying a medicine as having expired is thru it’s labeled expiry date. This date is usually set supported a mixture of the common properties of the dosage form also because the stability and expiration studies of the Hypnosis merchandise that are conducted by the manufacturer. Importantly, this expiry date is contingent specific storage conditions of the merchandise . Although a medicine may pass it’s labeled expiry date, it’s going to not necessarily be any less effective or dangerous to consume counting on the merchandise itself, the storage conditions and therefore the circumstances leading up to expiry. When most medications pass their expiry date under appropriate storage conditions, they’re generally taken to possess become so variable in effectiveness on became unsuitable to be used . This often comes about as a results of the degradation of the active ingredients of the medication with exposure to physical, chemical or microbiological variables like […] read more
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Buy modafinil 200mg

Modafinil tablets are very useful to increase alertness in individuals. Buy modafinil 200mg online from our trusted pharmacy.   read more
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Is It Possible To File A Veterinary Malpractice In Virginia?

Being a pet owner can be fun but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of them being finding an experienced veterinarian. However, even the greatest veterinarians can make mistakes or act carelessly. If this ever happens, the pet owner has the right to file a lawsuit for a veterinary malpractice in Virginia. However, these cases are usually rare but as many pets keep getting accepted as “family members”, these ‘animal cases’ are growing every year in Virginia & Washington, D.C.. But, how do veterinary malpractice cases work? The laws of a veterinary malpractice in Virginia are similar to the laws of a regular medical malpractice for a human being. A vet malpractice typically happens when a veterinarian harms a domesticated animal due to incompetence, medical mistakes, poor judgement, or just carelessness.  What Is Considered A Veterinary Malpractice in Virginia? The laws of a veterinary malpractice in Virginia are similar to the laws of a regular medical malpractice for a human being. A vet malpractice typically happens when a veterinarian harms a domesticated animal due to incompetence, medical mistakes, poor judgement, or just carelessness.  Here are the four elements that would fall under veterinary malpractice: The vet accepted […] read more
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