Pet photography is a growing area of photography. Although it can be difficult for newbies to the field, it can also prove to be very rewarding for both you and your customers. Many families have a pet. The techniques you use for each pet will vary. Pets are not like humans. They won’t pose for you. You can’t tell them what to do. How can you create pet portraits that are successful? Photographing pets is a difficult subject to photograph. A pet photographer must have patience and be able to react quickly to any pet’s actions. You can try unusual ways of photographing your pet. If you have a large pet, it is important to get close to the animal and use a wide angle lens. This will help emphasize its large size. You should work at eye level with your pet. If you have to do this, you need to be aware of the background. Do not distract from the portrait of your pet. Photographing pet birds requires that you take them out of their cages. Before you start shooting, make sure to close all windows and doors. Place the perch in the cage near a window. This is […] read more