The shoes, which were once popular among men and served the purpose of protecting feet and legs in harsh terrains and hazardous industrial areas, now contributes to a stylish look. We are speaking of boots, a type of men’s shoes in Cork over which many obsess. The right one guard toes, offers slip-resistance and complements your personality, but the wrong pair can ruin everything. So, we thought why not look around and know which one is worth spending your money on during this holiday season. If you are ready, let’s go through the types of boots available at every shoe shop in Cork.


Boots You Will Feel Proud for Owning


Go through the list to check which is missing in your boots collection. Order it right away!


  1. Desert boots


The origins of desert boots date back to WWII when a British officer named Nathan Clark spotted other officers wearing unique footwear. On enquiring, he discovered that those boots with suede uppers and crepe rubber sole were manufactured to endure the harsh climatic conditions. The same officer, inspired by the idea, introduced chukka boots.


Today, what you get are casual versions of them. They are perfect for Autumn wear, and men pair them with smart denim to complete their look.


  1. Brogue boots


Have you ever seen brogue boots before? If yes, which part of these men’s shoes in Cork pops up in your mind? We bet it is the decorative holes in them and a high-ankled brethren. Do you know what are those for? They are for the bog water to escape when worn by farmers. Today, men value them for their durable style, which complements both tailored fits and denim in pants. If you can crop and taper your pants, you will enjoy all the compliments coming your way from flaunting your boots.


  1. Oxford boots


It’s misleading to consider every boot as a shoe decorated with metal accents, flaunting technical features and a beautiful design. Sometimes, men are satisfied with a sartorial boot made with two distinct materials – suede and leather. The high-ankled shoe promises a natural fit and smartens up the look with its closed-lace system. When paired with trousers having a break, it’s hard to tell the difference between them.


  1. Chelsea boots


This style of boots that achieved popularity back in the Swinging Sixties enjoys regal beginnings. Queen Victoria wore them while horse riding or moving across the Palace grounds. Although it was a go-to boot for Your Majesty, the design was simple yet stylish and tough as old boots. Today, highly versatile pairs of Chelsea boots are available in both black and brown. Just make sure you maintain them regularly to let them age well.


The suede finish, on the contrary, is a wonderful way to add texture. However, take heed not to step out wearing it during bad weather conditions.


  1. Hiking boots


What was more commonly worn by hikers and naturists, today enjoys the front row in fashion. Men who love cladding heavy denim jackets or chunky knitted cardigans for that rugged look often choose hiking shoes to complete the attire. However, that hardly means you cannot team up such boots with other outfits. Ones like smart leather uppers, woollen lowers, and something that matches the weight of the boots would go with hiking boots.


  1. Work boots


Such leather boots are highly favoured for their ruggedness but it’s better to pair them with a t-shirt and denim combo instead of formal outfits. They were once worn to workplaces where the main concern was safety. However, today they are fashionable shoes that help make a statement when paired with a white T-shirt, sweatshirt and bomber jacket.




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