With regards to safe sex, most men accept they can just “roll it on and go,” however the reality of the situation is, there is something else entirely to protected and proper condom use than simply sliding one on. kondoomipood Indeed, inappropriate condom use can really expand the danger of undesirable pregnancy and transmission of physically communicated infections. Look at these basic and direct do’s and don’ts for utilizing and putting away condoms to guarantee most extreme viability and security. All things considered, a man can never be too cautious about keeping a sound penis!

Condom Do’s and Don’ts

Do open the condom cautiously utilizing the simple tear edges (the crisscross side).

Don’t use scissors or teeth to tear open the bundle, as this could tear the condom.

Do store condoms in a temperature-controlled, dry place.

Don’t leave condoms in the glove box or restroom where outrageous temperature and dampness can harm the latex.

Don’t heft condoms around in a wallet as the tension and collapsing on the condom can harm it.

Do check the termination date before use and dispose of any that are expired.

Don’t at any point reuse condoms – regardless of whether they seem like no natural liquid is in them. When the sexual action is finished, dispose of the pre-owned condom in the garbage can.

Do change condoms if exchanging between various kinds of sexual movement (for example from vaginal to butt-centric sex) to forestall disease and the spread of E. coli.

Do use condoms during oral sex, as specific diseases can be passed from the penis to the mouth and bad habit versa.

Don’t use condoms that don’t fit as expected. Condoms that are excessively free or too close can tear or sneak off inside an accomplice. In the event that the size is erroneous, buy an alternate brand and size.

Don’t endeavor to put a condom on a flabby penis, as it is probably going to tumble off or fit improperly.

Do guarantee there are no loose or free spots on the condom, smooth out any air pockets to guarantee a legitimate fit.

Don’t matter an oil-or oil based ointment to a latex condom, as it can think twice about material.

Do select a water or silicon-based oil, which is protected to use with latex condoms.

Do eliminate condom following sex and discard.

Don’t permit the penis to become limp before withdrawal from one’s accomplice, as the condom may unintentionally tumble off inside.

Do utilize a condom during every single sexual encounter.

Don’t skirt the condom, ever, under any condition, besides in a submitted, monogamous relationship.

Other safe sex tips:

Check what direction the condom unrolls prior to endeavoring to put it on the penis. Endeavoring to unroll it erroneously can make a tear structure, in which case the condom should be disposed of. Assuming the condom is put on the penis back to front from the start, it ought to likewise be disposed of as “pre-cum” may have gotten on that piece of the condom. Essentially turning the condom around may build the shot at pregnancy.

A little drop of lube set inside the condom tip can make it more straightforward to apply over an uncircumcised penis and diminish the shot at tearing. Just utilize a modest quantity, with the goal that the repository actually has space to get semen, and just utilize the suitable sort of lube dependent on the kind of condom.

When putting the condom on, squeeze the tip of the condom shut to wipe out the air pocket before cautiously moving it down over the erect penis.

If one or the two accomplices has a latex hypersensitivity, attempt polyurethane condoms instead.

One can frequently get condoms 100% for nothing at nearby wellbeing facilities, so the expense of acquiring condoms ought to never be a variable for not utilizing them.