Many of you may be unaware of self-storage in Ireland, but it can be a true lifesaver. Wondering how? Think about the various scenarios where you may have to leave the country for some time and have nowhere to stockpile your belongings safely. Then, consider moving to a new house or making space for your guests or while getting a renovation done.

A secure storage unit makes everything easy to tackle. However, not every facility is trustworthy, safe and accessible. Therefore, blindly shortlisting one may get you into trouble. To help you narrow it down to the perfect storage unit, we have assembled a few points to bear in mind.

Let’s go through them individually under business and residential storage space categories for a better understanding.

Tips to Arrive at the Most Secure Storage Space for Businesses

Every Irish business has certain files, equipment and documents which need secure self-storage in Ireland for extra security. Similarly, office renovation calls for hassle-free office storage to stockpile belongings until the job finishes. Moreover, the timely removal of them empties up space in the office to support current operations. You can get nothing cheaper than a storage unit. Agree?

A word of advice for all those seeking business storage facilities – never decide based on cheapness. Look out for the following to confirm your choice: –

  • Personalised gate access
  • Strong security measures such as night guards, remotely-controlled video cameras, ample lighting conditions and proper fencing
  • Storage spaces adhering to climate controls to prevent your books, important documents and papers from getting spoilt due to moisture, heat and seasonal fluctuations

Tricks to Finding the Most Secure Residential Storage Space

No one knows the fight for space than a household with kids and many family members. As years pass by, important documents keep accumulating. Of them, school reports, prescriptions, deeds, certificates are a few. As the season of work from home emerged, official documents kept piling up in home offices. Too many of them can pose a risk of misplacement. Rent a storage unit to prevent the same and declutter your desk.

Do you think they are the only things to store securely? Of course not! Many of you may have valuables at home. Transferring them to a safe location in time can save you from losing them to thefts. To ensure you are putting your belongings in the right place, check for the following in storage units at Dublin: –

  • Security cameras, reinforced fencing, reliable locks and controlled access.
  • Check for removal and delivery services besides storage so that when you are busy, you can peacefully leave the job to the provider.
  • Look for the storage space somewhere near you to enjoy easy access to seasonal belongings – furniture, sports gear, boat, camper van, etc.
  • Find someone with an exemplary reputation. You shall enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your belongings are in a safe place.
  • Check for insurance for added security.

With the tips above, we come to the end of this write-up. We hope the points discussed above have helped you understand the characteristics of ideal self-storage in Ireland.


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