An accountant’s fees can vary a great deal, depending on the size of your business, the scale of your activities and the services you require. Location can change costs too, as accountants in Glasgow, for example, are likely to be cheaper than their counterparts in London. However, once you know these things it’s quite easy to estimate the likely cost of your accountant. General accounting for small businesses A small business could be a self-employed contractor or it could be a limited company with several employees. Accounting for this kind of business usually includes a range of services delivered as a package. These packages usually include:   ·         Annual accounts ·         Bookkeeping ·         Corporation tax returns ·         Director’s personal tax return ·         Monthly & annual payroll returns ·         Quarterly VAT returns ·         Advice on tax avoidance legislation (IR35) ·         Ongoing day-to-day advice from your accountant ·         These packages are usually delivered for a fixed monthly fee. For a small company, this monthly fee can be as low as £60 or as high as £250 depending on factors including turnover, and where in the UK you are. Businesses with more employees and higher turnover will usually pay more. Self-assessment and tax […] read more