What work is done by an Energy auditor? An energy auditor begins with visually inspecting the exterior of the house or building, looking for the point of energy waste, damage issues, or ventilation. Whereas inside of house or building, the energy auditor will check out for signs of airflow problems, measuring insulation in the attic, and look for gaps or holes within the house that could be making draft and air leakage. Depending on the type of energy issue, an auditor may also perform a safety test, energy modeling, and duct testing. Energy auditors in Mumbai provide the best electrical energy audit for your premises or factory. What work do energy auditors do- Energy auditor calculates possibly for energy savings. Collect and examine field data that are related to energy usage. Compare existing energy uses to other sources. Examine and check out energy-saving measures. How much quantity of energy consumed to establish minimum energy use and need. Provide recommendations about energy-efficient technologies and substitute energy sources. Set up blower door tests to find air leaks. Once the blower door star running, the energy auditor uses thermal imaging to find a cold spot or gap of insulation in the wall. Measuring […] read more