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November 27, 2021

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5 In-demand Online Business Courses for Entrepreneurs

Curating and running a successful enterprise entails employing due tact, proper strategy, a clear roadmap, and a lot more. In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, it is essential that you possess the necessary clarity and the skills so that nothing hinders you from transforming your remarkable ideas into a lucrative business enterprise.   From adopting a clear vision to securing the necessary funding, entrepreneurship warrants you to tend to a myriad of multi-faceted aspects of running a business. While it might be difficult to address and cope with each of the challenges that come with the role of an entrepreneur, the solution lies in opting for relevant learning courses. These courses, easily available online, will impart you with the necessary proficiency to lead your organization and equip you with relevant skills to combat every impediment that might come in the way.   Here is a list of five in-demand online business courses and certifications for entrepreneurs that have been curated especially to aid you in your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur.    1. PERSONAL BRANDING If there is one non-negotiable skill that an entrepreneur must possess, it is developing a notion of a personal brand. As an entrepreneur, […] read more
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How to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

Work from home has been the new normal ever since the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world. While the initial reactions to this drastic change were rather welcoming due to the opportunity it gave employees to work from their comfort spaces, the novelty soon dissipated. With almost no boundaries between professional and personal lives, near to zero human interactions, and extended work hours, remote working has taken a toll on not only employee motivation but also mental health. While remote work is not a novel concept and has been around for some time, even with many companies making plans to transition into remote work in due time, and a limited few conducting their business remotely almost entirely, it is well-known that the reason why remote work suddenly became the need of the day is none other than the pandemic. Companies all over the world dove, head first, into a sort of forced remote work experiment. However, the virus has somehow broken through the technological, emotional, and behavioral barriers that prevented ‘work from home’ in the past. Despite the majority of employees returning to their workplaces, remote work has the potential to be persistent even after the pandemic comes to an end. […] read more
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