Household Appliance Market to grow by USD 89.50bn|Key Drivers and Trends|Technavio According to Technavio, the household appliance market size is expected to value at USD 89.50 bn during 2021-2025. The market sizing analysis in the report reveals that the market growth will decelerate at a CAGR of  4.44%. The report offers exclusive detailed COVID-19 impact study, which majorly highlights  vendor performance and new business opportunities during and post pandemic period. Technavio offers an up-to-date analysis of the current global market scenario and the overall market environment – Download Free Sample Report. Household Appliance Market Trends & Drivers The household appliance market research report has a detailed analysis on the key drivers, trends, and challenges, which will help vendors in making important business decisions and modifications to cater to the changing consumer demand. While it is essential to capitalize on key drivers such as product innovation and advancement leading to portfolio extension and product premiumization, it is also crucial to understand the challenges that will impede sales during the forecast period. Identifying and addressing market growth challenges will create additional opportunities for the existing and new market players.   Know more about COVID-19 Crisis and Recovery Analysis? Request Free Sample Research Report The household appliance market has also […] read more