Meter boxes are vulnerable to vandalism. You may notice wear and tear because your  Meter Box Lock is continually exposed to environmental elements such as wind, rain, and vandalism. Repairing your damaged meter box is a basic and straightforward task. New hinges for the meter box are being installed. If the hinges on your meter box door are broken, you may be able to repair them rather than buying a new meter box. The first thing you’ll notice is that your meter box’s hinges have been damaged. Changing the hinges is fortunately a simple procedure: 1. The pin that is currently in place must be removed. 2. Replace the existing door pin hinge with the new one. 3. Tighten it up with a hammer. The door to the meter box needs to be replaced. If theMeter Box doors are significantly damaged, it is recommended that they be replaced. A variety of kinds of replacement gas and electric meter box doors are available. Follow these instructions to install your new door after you’ve placed your order: 1. Make sure the door is the correct size for the frame. 2. Mark the pre-drilled holes where the door pins will be put. Insert a […] read more