The Irish Property Bubble has been a key player in causing a remarkable contraction in mortgaging activities in the country, but it is now gaining more stability, since several banks have restarted lending with renewed policies, to buyers overseas, as well as to former expatriates, who wish to buy a new home in their homeland, to settle down later. Whatever be your reason to be a mortgage in Ireland, whether it is for Investment Planning, Future Planning or Business Scope in the real estate market here are the best answers you can get from the expert advisers. How Morgaging Works For Non-Residents In Ireland  While it is not mandatory for expatriates or overseas investors to have any Irish Passport, it is radically easier for borrowers to have a smooth mortgaging experience, if they have a relative, solicitor or investment planning advisor who is an Irish citizen. After the BREXIT agreement, there has been a rapid surge of UK-based citizens, as well as UK-based company owners to seek mortgaging advice in Cork, for buying new properties in Ireland, as a retirement plan, or companies that wish to have access to the EU market would wish to shift based into the country. […] read more