During the lockdown, virtual peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns enabled nonprofits to raise money, expand their donors’ pool, and improve their chances of surviving the crisis. This means that peer-to-peer fundraising is a great tactic, both in good and bad times. So if you’ve never tried a virtual peer-to-peer event before, make plans to include it in your fundraising arsenal now.  Here’s how you can: 1. Set The Right Expectations. How much money needs to be raised? What is your budget for the event? How many volunteers must participate to reach your goal? Are there successful peer-to-peer events that you can learn from? How well you understand these factors will make or mar your event. Knowing your goals and available resources will inform important decisions like the campaign format. Will you host you an event-type peer-to-peer campaign or a personalized peer-to-peer campaign where volunteers invite people in their spheres of influence to donate on your online platform? And if you’re switching from an in-person to a virtual campaign during emergencies,, then logistics will also be a worry. Because if you’ve paid for facilities and food items, sold tickets and secured permits, and acquired corporate sponsorships, you’ll need to either convert all that […] read more