Birthdays are a big event, they only come around once a year, and as kids grow up, they want to have their friends attend a slumber party. This can be a very daunting task, especially if it’s your first time having a bunch of children spending the night in your home. Recently, we threw a slumber party and here are our five tips for throwing one yourself. RSVP by a specific date for the slumber party In hopes of not having too many unaccounted for guests, especially as they would need to be fed several meals, we put an ‘RSVP by’ date on our birthday invitations. This gave everyone a date when they needed to have decided if they were coming along. There was a single extra person at the party, but as most had RSVP’ed, it was easy to prep for the day. We also wrote out what the children needed to bring on our invitation; blankets and a pillow, to ensure they knew what to expect and that we would have everything Specify the Menu and snacks Providing food is important, especially as these children will probably need dinner as well as breakfast. On the back of each […] read more