Web sites have always been dynamic medium that is constantly evolving and changing. Everything on the internet is always in the move , and everyone is curious about what’s to come coming next? Recent research from eMarketer.com which is a pioneer in the field of research and analysis regarding digital marketing, suggest that the internet’s future is becoming apparent. video content has become the most recent technology on the internet and is growing more quickly that anyone would have imagined Gazeteler
In October of 2009 eMarketer.com published the findings of the study they conducted on US online advertising expenditure. The study concluded that the online giants have stopped putting their advertising funds into old strategies like emails, search engines or banner ads. The focus has shifted to online video advertisements. The popularity of online video ads skyrocketed in 2008, with the growth of 126%, and was able to continue to grow in 2009, with 42 percent growth. Analysts believe that this trend will continue throughout 2014. The numbers become more alarming when found out that in 2009 the growth of search engines was only 4% while banner and email advertisements were in a sharp decline.

What is this implying to web developers? Web sites that do not have video content are similar to newspapers with no images. An article published at close of 2009 in The New York Times said that “Web sites are starting to look a lot less like newspapers and a lot more like television.” Web developers need to begin adding videos to their websites to keep pace with the ever-changing times.

What is the reason for this change? The main reason is the rapid advancement of wireless technology. In the past it was impossible to view a video on their PC without having to worry about buffers and lengthy loading screens. Today, video clips can be viewed via mobile devices in a flash and at any time and at any location. We live in a world that wants to remain connected. Wireless internet is available in everything in everything from airports to coffee shops. The cable company is not just a cable provider, they also provide high-speed internet and, in some instances, they even offer to set up the wireless network in your home for free of cost.

What types of online video content is available? There are two different schools of thought with regards to video content. They are instructional videos as well as promotional video. Educational videos are typically used as a tool for training to provide information about the benefits of a service or product. The most reputable companies like Google and Apple won’t even launch the product without accompanying the product with an online educational demonstration. Promo videos, on the other hand, are made to promote the product or service to the general public. They’re more like commercials on television since their primary objective is to promote.

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