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September 24, 2021

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Gemstones have been a popular choice for many centuries. These beautiful stones, which are found in the crust of the earth, have powerful healing powers and celestial powers. This is what makes them so desirable and highly valuable. In some ways, the trio of sapphire and ruby is more valuable than the timeless diamonds. Yellow sapphire, also known as Pukhraj or Pukhraj stones, is one of the most valuable gems on Earth. It has a wealth of metaphysical properties that will fill your life with happiness, wealth, and well-being. Jupiter occupies a prominent position in the planetary system. This cosmic entity governs the signs of Sagittarius & Pisces, bringing you status and prosperity. How can yellow sapphire change your life? The inherent ability of gemstones to influence human life is a hallmark of their nature. If you are going through a difficult or trying time, it could be because of the negative influence of planetary positions on your birth charts. Jupiter, one of the most powerful planets, can bring about many problems if it is in the wrong place. It can cause financial and social damage. Wearing yellow sapphire, however, is not recommended.Pukhraj StoneIt can make a difference. The stone’s positive and strong energies can eliminate any negativity in […] read more
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How To Choose The Most Beautiful Bridal Jewelry To Best Suit Your Wedding Theme

When you are wedding planning you would like everything to travel perfectly and you suddenly realize there’s with great care much to try to to , such a lot to work out and to settle on from. the straightforward place to start out with the design and feel of the marriage is to first choose the colour themes. From here you’ll more easily specialise in the wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses with their designs and designs . The wedding jewelry is next as you’ll match the design of the bridal jewelry set designs to the bridal party dress styles. There are a variety of jewellery styles so you would like to possess a glance at what you wish and what works best for your wedding theme. So to assist you opt here is an summary of a variety of jewelry: Pearl Jewelry Pearl bridal jewelry is such a well-liked choice because pearl jewelry is timeless then elegant. Pearl necklaces and earrings designs range from the normal through to very contemporary styles with everything in between. Pearls make an exquisite present for the bridesmaids and may be skilled the family over the generations. Bridal pearl jewelry are often during a sort […] read more
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How Good are Tungsten Rings for Men?

Tungsten is becoming an increasingly popular choice for men’s rings, whether that is for a wedding band, or a statement ring. In this article, we will look at the pro’s and con’s of tungsten carbide.  Tungsten is the strongest of the the metals when it comes to tensile strength. It is 5 times harder than steel, and 3 times harder than titanium – both already super strong metals!  Tungsten is unmatched when it comes to durability and strength. If you are a man who works with his hands or have a busy and active lifestyle, tungsten will stand the test of time. It will only break under extreme pressure, and will not bend or become out of shape. Not only that, tungsten is extremely resistant to scratches. Only a material harder than itself can cause scratches. Since only diamond is harder than tungsten, diamond is the only material that might scratch your ring.  Tungsten rings for men come in many unique designs and a range of colours including silver, black, rose gold, gold, brown, and blue. Many of the men’s tungsten rings also have an inlay of another material such as wood, abalone shell, or antler bone.  Tungsten rings are […] read more
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